The Right Time to Follow Your Heart

Say no more.

It’s engraved in your best friend contract: you must always have their back and have their best interest in mind. But when is the right time to stop listening to your best friends’ advice and start listening to your own heart?

They supported me when I told them I’d fallen for my best friend. They even supported me when I told them he was taken, but I still wanted to pursue him. They supported me when I told them I wasn’t going to interfere, but that I’d take action if I had the chance. And when that chance came, they supported my bold move.

What they didn’t support was my crying after he’d left me behind to go back to her. They didn’t support his nonchalance or his so-called “warning.” They didn’t support his lies and they didn’t support his game. And they didn’t support my desire to go back to him.

I knew he didn’t deserve my forgiveness but he was my best friend; I couldn’t picture my life without him. I let him drag me around and I took all of his sketchiness because I thought – maybe it’ll change his mind. It didn’t.

Time has passed and through my mistakes and his, we’re finally back to where we started. We’re just friends, as we probably always will be, but my heart is still consumed with the thought of him. Little by little, he’s starting to open up to me and I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere.

But my friends don’t want to hear it.

They’re begging me to stay far, far away and not to fall for it again. They’re so sure that he’s unchanged and refuse to accept the fact that I might actually love him.

If I were abiding by our friendship contract, I’d listen to them. I’d move on and forget about him and the pain he caused me. But my heart is telling me something different. It’s telling me to stay. So who do I listen to, my heart or my friends?

My heart.

I’ve never felt it beat so strongly around someone. I’ve never heard it tell me so many times that by his side is where I belong. There’s a pull that tells me if I stick around long enough, I’ll get what I’ve been wishing for.

So for the first time, I’m not seeking out my best friends’ advice. Although I know that they only want to see me happy, I’m diving in and I’m going to see where this new path takes me. My best friends are my rocks but it’s time to step away from the comfort I call their wisdom. Will I get hurt? Maybe. But when my heart tells me to take a chance, I take it. And when it speaks to me, I listen.

It might not make sense and I probably seem like some foolish girl who just won’t let go. And maybe I am. But sometimes, the best advice you can take is your own. You have to make your own mistakes and you have to learn. Living vicariously through your best friends’ game plans seems fun but whose life are you leading, anyway? Your own. So make your own plans and watch them unfold. Take chances, don’t be afraid of love, and let your heart take you away. Do it for you – you owe it to yourself, after all.


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