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I love to read. I’ll read anything I can get my hands on (minus the occasional college textbook). I love it all. The great mystery, the eternal love story, the thrilling suspense novel. Biographies of history’s greats. The how to better your skills, yourself and your life. Fashion magazines, one after another, soaking up all the beauty the world has to offer. Words are wonderful things and nothing else has the power to open your mind, test your thoughts and let you dream.

While I often read to inform and engage my mind, sometimes it’s just for plain enjoyment. Something to pass the time laying out by the pool or on a bench in the sun-drenched park. I read to feel good, forgetting my own troubles and instead basking in the thoughts and comedy of others. I read to laugh.

Business elite turned author, Jennifer Lancaster does this like nobody else. Six amazing books later (and counting!), she must be doing something right. She started off working her way up the corporate ladder, eventually landing the position of associate vice president for a technology company. Being from a small town in Indiana, Jen basked in her newfound success. Her sudden riches lured her into the world of top designers, labels and material goods. Gathering all the Prada and Ralph Lauren twin sets possible, Jen began to take on the ‘attitude’ that can sometimes come with over the top self-adoration and too much material wealth. However, just like how all good things must come to an end, Jen’s fabulous life began to quickly spiral downward upon her being laid off after 9/11.

Her book, Bitter is the New Black, follows her transition from snobby queen bee to hard working, gracious author just trying to make it through. Together with her husband Fletch, Jen details her experiences with enough wit and charisma to make any scrooge crack a smile. You can’t help but full on belly-laugh when reading her adventures. After all, carrying a Prada to the unemployment office has got to lead to some type of disaster story right?

Throughout the course of her books, Jen’s personality (the good and the bad) shine through, making for an always amusing and hilarious read. Let’s face it, none of us are perfect and certainly neither is Jen.

To learn more about the author, you can visit her blog, Jennsylvania.com (her last name’s Lancaster…I told you, witty!) It’s better than the daily comics, never failing to provide you with a laugh. Even her adorable dogs manage to entertain you with their charm and antics. She may have a penchant for wine, swearing (disclosure – a lot!) and her books certainly are not for everyone, but deep down she’s an honest, truthful soul who just wants to make her fans happy.

And that she does.


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