ASOS: The Best Kept Secret

Great for your closet and budget!

With fashion and the world around us constantly changing, it can be hard on a girl (and her wallet) to keep up with the latest trends. Its seems just as you save enough to purchase that cable knit sweater, the seasons change and this year it’s all about the maxi dress. How can a girl possibly win? The answer?

ASOS is the perfect place for finding all the latest and greatest with some of the best wardrobe basics and essentials around. Known as the UK’s largest online-only fashion and beauty store, ASOS is finally garnering the attention of America. Not only does it boast free shipping and returns to the States, but also offers an awe-inspiring array of goods. There’s something for everyone, ranging from top designer pieces to reasonably priced goods.

Some of the featured designers include the late (and forever great) Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, D&G, Jil Sander, Miu Miu, Opening Ceremony, and Nichole Richie’s Winter Kate. Only here could you find a $600 bag right along side a $25 bag. The best part? They both look absolutely cute and chic. Nobody would ever know the difference. It’s so refreshing to see a company that caters to all needs and believes everyone should have access to amazing fashion.

For some summer staples, they offer tanks and t’s in every design/color for as low at $10. Nothing says lazy days like a crisp white tank, a pair of worn-in jean shorts, and a big pair of sunglasses.

If it’s something a little more ‘garden party’ that you desire, check out their summer dresses or party dresses for a night out. What really draws you in are the unique styles and cuts. While there’s plenty to choose from in the traditional category (shift dresses galore), there’s so many with gorgeous cut-out backs and intricate strap detailing.

Aside from clothing, there is whole categories dedicated to accessories, like bags, watches, socks/tights, sunglasses, belts (this one adds a nice pop of color to any outfit!), hats (it’s perfect for the beach), shoes, lingerie, swim wear, and even makeup! Keeping in line with their brand name clothing offering, designers range from Elizabeth Ardent to Paul & Joe to Too Faced. Being ASOS is only an online company, this notion can sometimes scare people off who tend to have issues with sizing. To help eliminate this apprehension, ASOS offers clothing specifically tailored to every body type, be it plus size, to petite and maternity. Another super find from across the pond!


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