Harry Potter’s Final Curtain Call

Let the action begin!

It’s no secret that I am an avid Harry Potter fan, as I mentioned the book series in my first blog post. I have all the books in hardcover, and when I had to do a hypothetical PR campaign for a celebrity in class, I chose J.K. Rowling and watched every single Harry Potter film at the special midnight showing. Essentially, Harry Potter has been part of my life since fifth grade, when I initially started reading the series. However, this summer (July 15) the final installment of Harry Potter will be released in theaters.

In a sense this is perfect timing, because it marks the end of my childhood. Harry is no longer the little boy in the cupboard – he has matured into a young adult who is finally comfortable with who he is. Similar to Harry Potter, I too have matured and am poised to enter the real world. However, that said, I am still super pumped for the final movie. The seventh book was definitely one of my favorites, and I have high expectations for the Part 2 of the movie. While I am obviously looking forward to every single Harry Potter filled moment, there are three scenes that I have anxiously waiting to see on the big screen since I finished the seventh book the day after it was released in stores.

1. Snape’s childhood: If you haven’t read the books, but instead opted to watch the movies, you already know Snape is the character we love to hate, but even a character who is such a buzz kill was once a child. If you haven’t read the books, this scene may surprise you and even pull at your heartstrings.

2. The epilogue of the book. In the book there is a very short epilogue that fast-forwards and we get a glimpse of the second generation of Harry Potter and company. I can’t wait to see this, and I am hoping the film’s epilogue is slightly longer than the book’s epilogue.

3. And finally, I am looking forward to Mrs. Weasley’s famous one-liner in the book. It should be epic!

Are you going to see the final Harry Potter film tomorrow at midnight?


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