Dating Deal Breaker: The Shoes

You can tell a lot by his shoes.

Dating is a scary world, and dating in college is doubly scary. I have to give myself credit for successfully surviving the college dating scene with only a few bruises, and somehow leaving with an amazing boyfriend. However, surviving the grimy world of sleazy frat boys, sexy marching band geeks who you’re willing to take a chance on because they seem sexy at first with their lip rings and hipster style. Leaving college has left with me some very strict dating deal breakers.

Most of these have to do with a potential suitor’s personal style. I mean I’m a fashion writer, or so I like to believe, and  I need to be with a dude who dresses stylish, or at least attempts to. Let’s face it – the only guys who actually dress like the models in GQ are either famous, gay, or self-centered douchers; see marching band guy. So what’s this crazy deal breaker you ask? The shoes ladies, it’s all about the shoes.

Let me put it this way; gym sneakers belong in the gym. What kind of man still wears white gym sneakers out of the house? An early ’90s dad perhaps? I wouldn’t even date a guy who wore solid white sneakers to the gym. I’m talking all-white with those cylinder-y white laces, paired with some scrunched up white socks. Of course I can’t forget the unflattering, faded light-wash jeans from the Kmart clearance bin, which usually accompany this walking disaster.

All I’m saying is if a guy has good taste in shoes you can probably count on him to have a general sense of how to dress himself. It’s not scientific, but it’s worked for me. If you’re wondering about the marching bad dude, he won me over with his Adidas Sambas (the retro indoor soccer shoes). For alternatives I love a classic pair of Nike Dunks, or Converse.

What do you think? Am I crazy, or do you agree? Most importantly, tell us your dating deal breakers!

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