Common Dating Mistakes

What’d you say? I was texting.

Even though we all know it’s usually the guys to mess things up (yes I’m one-sided), there are a few no-no’s that we girls may commit while dating and not even know it. Here I explore a few missteps that I have witnessed (maybe even been guilty of myself), so that we can all avoid making them the next time we embark in the dating world.

Talking too much
If you don’t give your date the opportunity to say some things too or to respond to what you’re saying, he will get annoyed with you. I know that I’m the type of person who keeps talking when they’re nervous, and others might have the same problem. So, when on a date, remember to take a breath, drink a sip of water, and ask him some questions. Not only will this give you time to relax and get your heart-rate out of the red zone, but it will give you an opportunity to actually get to know the guy you agreed to go on a date with (that’s the whole point of a date anyways, right?).

Always on your phone
Many of us live on our phones (including myself), but when you’re on a date the phone should be silenced and out of sight. I know we keep our phones readily available in case of an emergency, but you have to prevent yourself from looking at it every 5 minutes. Your date needs to know all your attention is on him. When you are constantly checking your e-mail, text messages, facebook, etc. you are basically telling your date you’d rather be anywhere but with him. Put the phone in your purse, otherwise you will be tempted to check it when there is a lull in the conversation, and that will once again come off as you checking out of the date, which will in turn cause him to check out. I promise you, you can get along for an hour without seeing what latest tweets were, and who knows? That boy sitting across from you may be (probably will be) more interesting than whatever 140 character message Kim K just uploaded, but you will never know unless you put the crackberry down.

Looking for perfection
News flash: No one is perfect. Not even the boy you’ve been coveting for months before he asked you out. Not even the boy you met while doing humanitarian work abroad. As you get to know your date better, you shouldn’t let a few flaws ruin the things you like about him. Be realistic and optimistic. You obviously feel something for him otherwise you wouldn’t be on a date with him. When he does or says something (and he will at some point) to make him fall from the pedestal you put him up on, don’t write him off completely. It’s all part of getting to know people, and maybe, just maybe, if you allow the relationship to flourish, the “flaws” you initially encountered will in time seem like what makes your man unique and all the more lovable.

We’ve all done it. Sometimes without even knowing we did it until it’s too late. Somehow you just let slip that you too are a baseball fanatic, except for the fact that you aren’t, and don’t even know anything about the sport. Sure, he might be psyched to find that you two have that in common, but I guarantee it won’t make or break the future of your relationship if you admit to being clueless about the sport. In fact, him teaching you about the sport may become an awesome way for you two to bond. Little white lies are known to grow bigger and bigger, and you’ll often find yourself in a situation that you can’t get yourself out of (Just Go With It, anyone?). Not to mention, no one likes a liar, so by lying you’ve pretty much doomed your date from the start.

Be on time

Regardless of whether he’s picking you up, your picking up him or you’re just meeting up, you should try your best to not be late. It will send a lot of unintended messages to your date. It may come off as being disinterested or unenthusiastic about the date, which will in turn cause him to immediately write you off as a future anything. It will also come off as being unreliable, and your date will think he can’t count on you. This is true in other situations as well. Meetings, appointments, interviews, etc. if you show up late you will come off as irresponsible, and cause the other people to judge you as so. Overall, it’s a good rule of thumb to try your best to be on time.

So there you have it. Just use a little common sense and your date will go far.

What dating blunders have you witnessed (or perhaps committed)?


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