Healthy Summer Snack: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Mouth-watering goodness!

There’s nothing I love more in the summertime than to lay out in my yard with a magazine and a homemade smoothie. It’s the perfect snack to help keep your energy level high on a hot day, not to mention it’s super healthy. I usually play around with different ingredients until I find the perfect combination – and this one is my favorite!

This recipe is enough for two smoothies, but if you want to make some for your friends, just double up on everything!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1-1 ½ large bananas
4-5 fresh strawberries
4-5 ice cubes
a ¼ cup of plain yogurt or milk (yogurt will make a thicker smoothie)

All you have to do is blend these until there are no ice cube chunks left, and enjoy! It’s naturally sweet without being over the top, so it’s a great option for breakfast, after a workout, laying out in the sun, or to serve at a barbeque!

(And here’s a little tip: if you freeze the strawberries and bananas, you don’t need ice cubes!)

Would you try this recipe? What’s your favorite summer snack?


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