Forget Apples – Strawberries Keep the Doctors Away Too

Mmmm. Keep ’em coming!

Just in time for strawberry picking season – for most of us on the east coast at least, and for those who have already seen the season come and go, remember this for next year: you might want to swap the red delicious for some delicious, red strawberries to keep doctors at bay.

A new study from researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies suggests strawberries could be the new super fruit.  It seems about time for the fruit with seeds on the outside to get a little recognition, since many other berries have already had their moments of glory. 

The study claims that a flavanoid packed in the juicy fruit called fisetin (found in other fruits too, but most abudantly in strawberries) lessens complications of diabetes, as well as previously being shown to promote the survival of neurons and strengthen memory in an animal study.  What does all this mean?  That for a tiny fruit, strawberries might pack a very big punch in favor of your health.

You will have to eat a lot of the red berries to injest enough fisetin to give the full effects, but every little bit of the flavanoid might benefit your health in the future, and adding it with other fruits and veggies will only boost your already healthy diet.

The bottom line: strawberries are in, not just season, but for your health too!  Here are some tips on picking your own fresh super fruit:

-Strawberry peak seasons are usually May in the South, early June in the middle sections, and later June in the North (now is your time to reap the benefits Northians!)

-With strawberry picking, bigger isn’t always better.  The best berries to pick are usually the smaller ones that are more juicy and flavorful.

-Good news! Strawberries can last a long time in the freezer – great for baking later on in the colder months – just make sure to wash them and cut of the stems before popping them in a ziplock bag in your freezer.

For more tips on strawberry picking and where to go in your area to stock up, is a great resource.

Happy, healthy picking!


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