Oh My Ottoman!

It was love at first glance.

Look to the heavens ladies and smile. Our prayers have been answered! A brand known for their bright, fun patterns, the genius’ at Lily Pulitzer, have combined their great preppy style with genius innovation.

The “Rousseau” Ottoman is a gorgeous piece, perfectly fit for any walk-in closet (lucky to those who have one!) or centered in a bedroom. It features classic white tufted fabric on a circular wooden base with [hold your breath]..a hinged lid concealing a space for shoes, shoes and more shoes. While a regular ottoman as good looking on the outside as this one could do well on its own, this piece takes it to another level. The art of a well organized space is the ability to keep all your favorite items in a way that’s visually appealing, and still easy to access. This piece accomplishes both those goals, and just happens to look really, really cute while doing it.
So go ahead and fully support your shoe addiction as the ottoman features pockets holding up to sixteen pairs of shoes with an open center for even more (or small bags, accessories, etc.). Plus, the interior lining features Lily’s signature flower print, adding a pop of color to the otherwise monotone coloring.
While the price tag is a bit steep at $999 (yeah…), if you’ve just won a major scholarship or have a rich relative, this is the piece you simply can’t live without. Crisp, clean and just too darn pretty for it’s own good.
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