PSA: Summer Skin Awareness

Nothing like a day at the beach!

We are in the midst of summer and activities of laying poolside and going to the beach are frequent these days. Summer fun brings great looking tans and of course summer memories. The sun is full of perks, but we absolutely cannot forget to protect our gorgeous skin.

Did you know that a bathing suit only has an SPF of 6? Unless otherwise stated, that is. That was news to me too and is a big reminder to fully sun screen your body before heading outdoors. The best way to protect your skin is by adding products into your daily regime that will keep you protected year-round.

For starters, try Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily, which is a moisturizer with SPF 50 that can be worn daily under your makeup. Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer is a great alternative to foundation and has an SPF 15, and Clinique’s High Impact Colour Lipsticks have a built-in SPF 15.

There are numerous makeup products that have built in SPF and are oil free. How great is that?

Let’s be smart with how we enjoy the summer’s sun by keeping and putting forth our best face- literally! Happy summer!


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