The Workout Burnout

Let’s get physical, physical…

Don’t. Workout. Every. Day. This is against all advice you have gotten in the past, but trust me. Don’t do it. Imagine eating chocolate, or your favorite food everyday. Or going to work. Or hanging out with the same friend. See? Too much of one thing will cause you to hate it, and never want to do it again. (And you may start having nightmares about treadmills… true story!)

A burnout by definition is “a physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” Working out everyday is not only tiring on your body, but your mind and willpower as well. I’m not saying don’t move at all, and veg out on the couch watching re-runs of “Full House.” Just like your doctor and those motivational “Move-it” commercials, you should always do something active everyday. What I’m saying is don’t go to the gym and do the same thing everyday.
I actually have personal experience with this. Even though I love to work out, I stopped working out completely for two weeks. Two weeks is a long time for me, and I blame it all on my previous workout schedule. I would work out everyday, for two hours. With that crazy of a schedule, it was impossible to keep up with everything, like friends, family or work. I experienced a burnout. I didn’t workout and worse, lacked the motivation to go back.
The main factor of a burnout are workout schedules. Did you try to maintain an everyday thing like me? Were you a once-a-weeker? I couldn’t maintain an everyday workout schedule, but if I had a once-a-week schedule, I would forget about working out.
It’s all up to you, and what you feel would be not too much, and not too little. Think of all the factors in your life. Do you work? How much time do you spend with friends? Think of those times where you sit in front of the computer, and workout during those times instead! You don’t have to sacrifice a social or professional life to get healthy and active.

♥AUTHOR: MIA MISHEK, Health Editor

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