The Bowtie Trend

Boys shouldn’t have all the fun!

There’s a new trend going around, and even though it’s considered new, it’s actually been around for years… and it didn’t start with girls. In fact, it’s probably more readily associated with a dapper young gentleman but with a modern twist, the look is anything but manly. Introducing, the new, improved, and oh-so-feminine bowtie!

I’ve secretly been wanting to wear a bow tie for a while now but didn’t take the plunge because it’s so rooted in menswear. However, in recent years the neckpiece has been adapted in to a perfectly ladylike accessory.

Designer Timo Weiland spotted the trend and added some girly effects to the bowtie to make them sweet and modern. Weiland has reinvented the look; you can get your own bow as small or as big as the one you see on clowns (but that might be over doing it).

Weiland has also added chains to turn the bowtie into a necklace. The look is awesome if you wear them with the right outfit. Wear it with a plaid skirt and a collared shirt for a school girl vibe or with a high-necked dress for Parisian feel.

Weiland isn’t the only designer to catch on to the new trend. French designer Laurent Desgrange and Cyana Boutique both picked up the trend early and produced their own ties. The trend has even caught on with celebrities like as Beyonce and Fergie.

So what about you? Do you think the bowtie can be worn on girls or should we leave it to the guys?


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