Summer Bag Series: Gym Essentials

In here, you have to be prepared.

While the gym requires fewer beauty products than your wild outing last night, you must still approach your workout prepared with a (cute!) bag stocked full of necessary items to help you outlast your treacherous treadmill routine and get you through just one more rep of squats. It’s important to consider the before, during and after of a workout. And, as always, don’t forget to keep your body hydrated at all times with good ol’ water.

Throw It in the Bag:

Although a full face of makeup is highly discouraged during any workout, the one exception is definitely waterproof mascara applied before your workout, because it helps eyes appear wider and brighter. Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara does more than just offer sweat-proof lashes; it provides a formula with plump-boosting qualities for thicker, more luxurious lashes. Imagine: you can burn calories and get thicker lashes at the same time. Genius!

2. Part ways with lousy plastic headbands that are boring and headache-inducing. Choose a funky new method for keeping strands from falling in your eyes during your workout: tie dye yoga headbands. These adorable stretchy bands come in a variety of juicy colors, perfect for a summer run or, as the name suggests, a yoga session.

3. Wipe away sweat (I mean, glistening droplets) from your face during your workout with a cute hand towel that has character. Never rent one of those nasty brown towels from the gym again.

4. You may not always have a running partner by your side, but the iPod Shuffle is almost as good (and motivating) as a friend during your workout. This tiny little device works brilliantly for you runners out there, because it can be clipped onto your waistband or top – no armband or having to awkwardly hold onto your music player required. It also holds up to 500 songs, so you’ll never run of out good jams to keep you moving.

5. Avoid the gross, sweaty smell after your workout, especially if you have somewhere to be post-gym. Take your hair out of its ponytail then spritz a hair mist over your locks for optimal freshness. Another option is to use a dry shampoo, particularly if your hair looks oily or in desperate need of a clean pick-me-up. Also, don’t forget to pack a healthy snack that contains protein and carbs, so your body can properly refuel itself after your workout. (Read more about this here.)


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