Tangle-Free Tresses

Tangles be gone!

If your hair is anything like mine, you’re prone to knots and tangles 24/7. I’ve tried every conditioner and detangling product out there, and while some were helpful, none really did the trick. I was browsing my local ULTA store a few weeks ago, and stumbled upon a product that has drastically improved my hair and easily eliminates tangles.

The CHI Detangling Brush looks just like a regular brush, but does exactly what it’s designed to do: detangle. I bought it hoping that because it was made by CHI, it would do the trick, and I was right.

It has very thin bristles that remove virtually every knot from my moderately thick hair. It sells online and in stores for $12.99, but beware: this product is hard to come by, quickly selling out of many beauty stores and online retailers (which just shows how good it really is!).

If you’re looking for a way to remedy your knotted hair, get this product now before it’s too late!


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