Are Nerds the New Studs?

You have to admit – cute couple.

There once was a time when many girls wanted themselves an athlete or a pretty boy. Someone that reminded them of maybe Peyton Manning or Orlando Bloom. But nowadays, the new “it” thing is finding a nerd.

It sounds funny, but it’s true. The #1 trait people look for even more than attractiveness is intelligence. With characters like Harry Potter and people like Mark Zuckerburg being so popular, the typical athlete or dumb jock isn’t special anymore.

Girls prefer someone who can have meaningful conversations and who can come up with interesting ideas and different ways of thinking. This is making a little nerdiness the new “in” thing to be for guys. Especially since being a nerd is no longer the stereotype with glasses stuck together with tape, a pocket protector, and highwaters. Nerds come in all packages.

When celebrities like John Mayer, Rosario Dawson, and Natalie Portman all proclaim to be geeks, you have to stop and wonder maybe there’s something more about them than meets the eye. So what do you think? Does intelligence outweigh appearance or would you still take Peyton Manning over Mark Zuckerberg any day?


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