Dorm Room Ideas

Bare to fabulous in no time!

In the fall, I’ll be living in my own room which means even more space to decorate. I’m actually a little bit more excited than I should be so I’ve already started on some ideas. No one wants a boring dorm – we want the dorm everyone wants to visit. So feel free to look at some of my ideas for your dorm next year, too.

1) Cute Bedding

Teen Vogue Bedding at Macy’s

Teen Vogue bedding is stylish and affordable. They’re bedding comes in four colors, including pink and purple. I’m choosing this one because when people see my bed, I just want to be able say I got it from Vogue.

2) Desk Lamp
Ikea Solar Desk Lamps

The Ikea Sunnan solar desk lamps are not only cute and in a variety of different colors, but they’re also eco-friendly. The solar panel converts sunlight into energy. Your dorm room is going to be best-looking and best for the environment.

3) Chalkboard

While we’re already saving the earth with our dorms, you should also get a chalkboard to write your messages and reminders. This is better than a bulletin board which requires you to write your notes on paper.

4) Storage

I don’t know why colleges have yet to comply with every girl’s demands for a larger closet, but until they do, we’ll just to learn how to deal. That’s why this dorm closet set from is perfect. With a 10-shelf shoe organizer, 6-shelf organizers, extra drawer, caddy, and laundry bag, I’m sure you’ll be able to fit everything you need.

5) Wall Decorations

If you want to be a little different, go to and pick out a wall decal for your room. You can put anything on your wall from butterflies, a lions head, to pictures of your family. It’s almost like giving your wall a tattoo.

My final suggestion is if you’re not going with a theme, at least decorate your dorm in a particular color. You don’t want your dorm to look like it has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Unless your theme is Rainbow Brite, of course.


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