Throw a Grad Party – Now!

The fun is just beginning!

No, it’s not too late! Okay, so maybe you graduated a month or two ago. But who cares! Summer is summer and there’s still plenty of time left for you to rake in your relatives money, er, celebrate your 4 years of hard work.

Now that you’ve decided it’s worth your planning and you’ve picked a date and location, you’re wondering: where the heck do I start? We’ve got a party-planning bone or two so fear not; we’ll cover all of the bases for you.

1. Make your guest list – whether you want to keep it strictly a family affair or just celebrate with your friends, you need to get a number. Send out a Facebook invite and encourage your guests to respond ASAP. The sooner you know how many people you’re working with, the sooner you can get started.

2. Food, food, and more food – Have 20 guests? Order a couple of different dishes from a local deli for that amount of people. Wraps and pizza strips are an easy go-to if you’re invite list is friends only. But if your family plans on attending, ask each member to bring a dish. Chips and dip? Easy enough. Pasta salad? Quick fix. To thank them, let them know that dessert is on you. There are plenty of easy and fun recipes here.

3. Make a playlist – Take a visit to the iTunes store or Billboard and make a playlist of the most recent hits. Be sure to include songs that you don’t necessarily like, too. Yes, it’s your party, but you want to accommodate all of your guests. Hate country? Throw a few tunes on there anyway.

4. Plan activities – An easy way to keep your guests engaged and entertained is buying a pack of Solo cups and starting a game of water pong. Your relatives will get a kick out of watching your uncle miss the cup every time and your friends will start to get hilariously competitive after the same team has been on the table for five consecutive games.

5. Decorate – It’s as simple as throwing up some streamers and hanging some balloons. But you don’t even have to go that far. Your guests are there to celebrate your achievements, not to see how awesome you can make a backyard look. At the very least, though, have some framed pictures from your graduation up for display on the food table – or even their own table!

6. Seating – Grab your kitchen chairs, folding chairs, desk chairs, and more. You don’t have to worry about setting up multiple tables when you’ve at least got chairs for people to sit in. Keep the same types of chairs in the same vicinity to make it appear like you’ve arranged a few different seating areas for your guests.

Once you’ve got the planning down pat, find yourself a cute little party dress and celebrate! Forget about the real-world stress for a day and relax. You owe it to yourself – especially after 4 years of haughty professors, daunting assignments, and uber late nights (even if they were with that cute guy from bio).


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