Is Technology Ruining Relationships?

So much technology, so little time.

Texting has made communication for busy couples easier. Skype has made long-distance relationships survivable. Facebook has made small gestures that show couples are thinking about one another short, sweet, and to the point. Though these things seem to ease relationships, they’re also complicating them.

You’ve seen the magazine articles titled, “Cute Texts to Send Your Guy,” or “Things That Annoy Your Guy on Facebook.” You can’t blame them. It seems that every day, a new piece of technology is coming out, giving us an even greater opportunity to communicate.

Typically, this would be a wonderful thing. However, when technology gets in the way of face-to-face confrontation, problems arise. And when a reliance on the technology develops, they get even worse. Watch for these frequently used bits and monitor your actions.

Texting – If your guy is having a bad day, sending him a text that lets him know you’re thinking of him is cute. If he has a big presentation he’s been working on, a little good-luck text will leave him feeling reassured. And if you need to send a last minute text to let him know you’re going to be a few minutes late, he’ll appreciate the notice.

But when texting starts to become your relationship, that’s where things get tricky. If you’re texting him in the morning to tell him to have a good day, texting him during the day to see how it’s been so far, and texting him at night to tell him to sleep well, you’re relying on that technology to keep you two in sync.

Instead of texting him at lunch, give him a quick call if you can. And instead of texting him at night, make a plan to see him if only for a little bit. If that’s not possible, make the phone call or set up a time to Skype.

Skype – Although Skype is awesome for those times when you want to see your guy but he’s miles upon miles away, don’t let it replace seeing him in person if you can help it. If you live an hour away, try and set up a day where you two can spend time together instead of using Skype as your liaison.

For situations where it isn’t possible to see your guy, by all means, use Skype. But be sure to switch up which technology you’re using. Just as a relationship functions when the couple is able to see each other, you want to keep things fresh. Sticking to the same mode of communication will leave you two in a rut – the last thing you want when you’re trying out an LDR.

Facebook – Today, it may seem weird if you and your guy weren’t friends on Facebook. And if you two are “Facebook official” in the relationship section, people would start to question it. But really, what does it matter what other people have to say?

Facebook, though powerfully effective, is a drama-starter. Someone just uploaded a picture of your guy with another girl? An ex just wrote on his wall? His status is lyrics about a breakup? Each new update leaves you feeling anxious, which turns into jealousy. But if you can’t trust your guy, your relationship will begin to crumble.

And you know those couples that post on one another’s walls daily? You don’t want to be them. It’s more than likely that they’re not actually that happy in person. Guys typically tend to hide their emotions, so making them as public as Facebook often leaves them feeling uncomfortable.

To be on the safe side, stay off of his Facebook if you can help it. And if you really want to be friends, you can block his updates on your feed so you’re not tempted to peek every time you log on.

Technology is the root of so many of our advances. It’s taken over the way we live, the way we thrive, and the way we communicate. But don’t let it make its way into your relationship, too. The last thing you want is to end up in a dead zone. And if you overuse, that’s where you’ll be.


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