How to Turn Your Bad Hair Day Around

Nothing ruins your day like bad hair.

Bad hair days! Something we’ve all had and all hate. The usual “just wear a hat” solution has grown old, tired and let’s be honest — most of the time useless. Regardless of whether your hair is too frizzy, oily, or dry there’s got to be a quick solution.

If you have oily hair and you don’t want to look like you just fell into a tub of Vaseline, apply dry shampoo. It’s a quick fix and will make your hair soft and less greasy. Even though it’s called a shampoo, you don’t wash your hair with it. It’s just a quick fix pretty much made for a bad hair day. Try TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.

If your hair is too frizzy, a quick way to fix it is by using a flat iron. However, just applying heat can make the situation worse, so before you straighten it, wet your hair and apply Herbal Essence’s None of your Frizziness (or any other anti-frizz product this is just my favorite), then wait until your hair dries.

Maybe you do have the kind of hair day that can be hidden under a hat, but if you’re going someplace where hats aren’t allowed, then follow Blair Waldorf and wear a headband. If that’s not big enough, try a scarf.


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