Would You Try: Multicolor Mane

You rock, LC!

When Lauren Conrad posted a photo on her new beauty blog asking readers whether or not she should dye the ends of her bright blonde locks in shades of blue and pink, the blogosphere has been abuzz with the results. Conrad dyed her hair and posted the picture to the left of her new do.

The look is a play on the ombre color style rocked by Lady Gaga and the like. Combining dip-dye and tie-dye, Conrad has really caught onto something here. The look would work easiest on blonde hair, but brunettes can try it out as well — a little bleach never hurt anyone. The great thing about this look is it isn’t your whole head and if you don’t like it, just chop off the inch or two that was dyed.

We’re loving Lauren’s funky style, but what do you think? Would you tie dye your tresses?
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One Response to Would You Try: Multicolor Mane

  1. I am DYING to try this!!

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