The Easiest Way to Eat Better

Healthy never looked so good!

With the summer winding down, the inevitability of eating more in the colder months begins to creep up as quickly as the first crisp day of fall. Like many women, you might resort to a diet in the chilly months to try to keep your weight in check, after all you don’t have the motivation of a bikini anymore, but simply not thinking about eating healthy might be your best non-diet ever.

According to a psychologist who presented multiple studies on the subject at the American Psychological Association’s 119th Annual Convention, the key to losing weight or simply keeping the pounds off, is to change from mindless eating to mindlessly eating better. It might sound too good to be true, but if you think about it (or don’t?) quitting constantly thinking about eating better can be the greatest change you make in your healthy lifestyle.

In a study, it was apparent that many people don’t know when they are full, and it is actually because sometimes our stomachs lie to us. You have probably heard time and again that it takes a few minutes for your body to feel the effect of the food you just ate, and this is probably true. Instead of changing the food you are eating, especially if it is already healthy, try changing what you eat off of. For instance, if you make your dinner on a regular size dinner plate, downsize to a smaller salad plate. Fill up the salad plate as much as you want since no matter how full this plate is, it is probably less food then what would be on your bigger dinner plate – viola! Mindlessly eating better.

The same goes for a treat, since all of us deserve a little sweetness in our lives once in a while. The key behind this theory is to downsize once again what your are eating your dessert off of. Even a child’s size cereal bowl can be too big for a correct portion of ice cream, so make the switch to a smaller 8 oz container and cut your portion in half without even knowing it! If you don’t have a smaller bowl around, just use a coffee mug.
If you always have unhealthy fare at eye level or right in front in your refrigerator, make sure to move the junk to the side and let your healthy food take the spotlight. Making this switch is just like changing up utensil sizes. Putting the bad sight out of sight will eventually keep it out of mind – and out of your mouth – without even trying.

Mindlessly eating better will work if you do exactly what it says to do: don’t think about it! Consciously make changes now, so you don’t have to keep going over it in your head throughout the year. Instead of other diets that have you calculating, measuring, and worrying about food, just make changes once and then keep it out of your mind. Like any change to your eating habits, it might take some time to get used to, but once you learn to stop thinking about what you can and cannot eat, you will begin to mindlessly eat better and start thinking about how great you look.


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