Your Summer Beauty Lifesaver

We’re loving Leighton’s glowing skin!

Seriously you guys, I have the coolest friend in the world. Both my former roommate (and a total makeup freak) gives the best presents of all time. For my birthday, she got me the raddest 3-part Smashbox makeup collection that I use religiously. Most of my beauty obsessions like Birchbox come from her, and then I share them with all of you lovely ladies.

Most recently, for my graduation present, she gave me the cutest little set of Benefit’s lip and cheek stains. I’ve always been weary about stains — I just think they sound weird and permanent. However, she told me they were her favorite and I trust her, so my beauty experiment commenced. Needless to say, I LOVED them. The set came with Benefit’s three best-sellers, Posie Tint (a girly-pink), High Beam (an illuminator), and Benetint (a deep red). They look so saturated in the bottle, the stain feels lightweight and radiant. After putting on Posie Tint, I went to a pool party and my skin still looked awesome. As a perfect way to get dewy summer skin, this will be your new go-to makeup routine.


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