Beyonce’s #4 is #1

Who wouldn’t want to be B?

Fierce moves, insane pipes, and undeniable diva-tude. You know who I’m talking about – Beyonce Knowles. Not only does this soulful singer have a knock-out body, a healthy marriage, and a multi-billion dollar empire, she also has a newly released album, 4, and I cannot stop listening.

The album is onto it’s fourth week at number 1 on the Billboard charts. Though Beyonce does belt out a dance song or two, it’s mostly ballads that she tackled on this 12-track disc. Within the lyrics of each song you’ll see the attitude we all love shine through. Knowles has nothing left to prove. She’s an independent, wholesome woman who keeps us coming back for more. And 4 is no exception.

Each tune holds a different message. One that reaches out to it’s listeners and tells them: Hey, I get what you’re going through. Whether it’s upbeat or soulful, Beyonce has something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorites, but don’t settle for just these; the entire album is more than worth it.

1 + 1 – Spending a night in with your guy? Sleeping in with him? Throw this song on and you’ll both instantly be in the mood. A slow ballad about undeniable love, 1 + 1 will leave you feeling powerful about your relationship and ready to give your guy that passionate kiss that doesn’t always make it’s way into your day to day.

i CareEver given all of yourself to someone, only for them to return only half of that? So has Beyonce. For all of you girls who care too much, this anthem is for you. You deserve so much better.

I Miss You – They say time heals all. But sometimes, time takes too long. Whether you’re missing your best friend who’s studying abroad, your boyfriend who’s hours away, or your parents back home, turn this on to be reassured that you aren’t alone.

Best Thing I Never Had – We’ve all made that mistake where you thought your guy was the right one but he breaks your heart. You think you’ll never get over it until another guy comes along and shows you how you should be treated. Happily-taken girls, unite. And reminisce on your tacky ex to this beat.

Countdown – Talk about a feel-good song. When you’re feeling the love, throw this on and belt out the lyrics. Don’t forget to shake it, too. It’s what Beyonce would do!

End of Time – Another dance song, you’ll be wanting to move it until the end of time. Blast this before you head out for the night and get ready for a wild time.

Music heals the soul and Beyonce knows just how to strike a cord to mend yours. So whether you’re looking to smile or looking to cry, looking to dance or looking to sulk, Beyonce has got you covered.

Though her album isn’t as all-around upbeat like her previous ones have been, she still kills it – note after note.


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