Five Best Friends Every Girl Should Have

We’re the five best friends…

As beautiful, modern and sophisticated girls in the twenties (or slightly before), we need to surround ourselves with the best of friends to support, love, challenge and cherish us. Here are the five best friends every girl should have in their lives!

I don’t consider myself incredibly popular, but I have five best friends: my childhood best friend from age six, my shell-breaking bestie, my best girl friend/therapist, my best guy friend, and my mom.

I personally feel that every girl needs these five different friends in order to survive in this crazy, mixed up world! Here are mine and what I learned from each of them.

My Childhood “Remember When…” Best Friend: I have known my best friend Evie since I moved to New Jersey from Maryland at age six. Evie and I know almost everything about each other, which makes for huge fights and tearful apologies. We know when the other is cranky, what our favorite movies were at age 10, and our elementary school crushes. I wish every girl was as lucky as me to have an Evelyn in their lives, because having a friend for 13 years that is able to talk you through anything was essential in getting through high school. We can go months without talking, but when we reunite, it’s as if nothing has changed. We have an incredible amount of inside jokes, memories, and we like to randomly say things like: “Remember when we pretended we were mermaids and performed for your mom?” I love that our friendship is able to survive anything. When we were twelve, Evelyn moved away, which broke my heart. Yet seven years later, our friendship has never wavered. Maybe this will inspire you to reunite with your former bestie on Facebook!

What I Learned from Evelyn: Every girl needs a bestie that ties her to her past. This best friend allows her to never forget who she was and where she came from.

My “So Where’s the Party?” Best Friend:
I am not naturally outgoing or the type of girl to go out and party every day. But my best friend Ally brings out my fun and wild side in me! I’ve known Ally since I was a freshman in high school, and my mom always says that she knows when Ally is over the house because she can hear us cackling all the way down the street! We always have fun when we are together, whether it’s dancing at a party or sitting on her couch drinking Diet Cokes and eating raw cookie dough. She always knows how to have fun and inspires me to leave my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would. We talk about serious stuff as well, but we always manage to laugh our butts off whenever we are together. She brings out a carefree, fun-loving side of me that I love!

What I Learned from Ally:
Every girl needs that best friend that allows her to break out of her shell and always have fun whenever she’s around!

My “Everything Will Work Out!” Best Girl Friend:
Sometimes, a girl just need a girl friend who doubles as a therapist. For me, that is my best girl friend Sammi. We’ve been friends since we were sophomores in high school, but we became best friends probably around our junior year. If I have big news, Sammi is my first call. If I’m free after rehearsals for the musical I’m in, Sammi and I meet up at the local diner and will sit there and talk for five hours, even if we just did the same thing the night before. What I love most about Sammi is that despite our many similarities, we are opposites in so many ways. While she is pink and bubbly, my nickname in high school was the “Princess of Darkness.” She is the girl who I can talk endlessly about my crush and she tolerates it completely. Sammi is basically a saint to put up with me as much as she does, and in return she knows I would do anything in the world for her, including face a thunderstorm and adventuring through the Subway together to get to an Off-Broadway show.

What I Learned from Sammi: Every girl needs that best girl friend to just chill and talk about everything, no judgement. And sometimes, it’s best when you and your best friend differ — it makes you change your outlook on any given situation.

My “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?” Best Guy Friend: Even though four of my five best friends are girls, a majority of my friends are male. Guy friends are just a lot easier to handle, and in high school, they had considerably less drama. That’s why I love my best guy friend, Teddy. Teddy and I often say how he is the boy version of me, and it’s completely true. We agree on almost everything, talk about everything, and sometimes communicate telepathically. We became friends my sophomore year when he was a freshman and gradually became best friends by my senior year. Teddy is the type of friend that will kidnap me and take me to McDonald’s, randomly send me pictures of his new kittens, and take me to my senior prom when I could not find a date, despite his hatred of proms. We have a marriage pact that if we are both single by 35, we are getting married and adopting several kittens. What girl doesn’t want a guy friend like Teddy?!

What I Learned from Teddy: Girl friends rock, but having a few close boy friends is just as important. And despite what movies and TV shows want you to believe, GUYS AND GIRLS CAN JUST BE FRIENDS.

My Mother: Everyone who knows me knows that my mother and I are incredibly close. I tell her everything and I’m not even the least embarrassed saying that. A lot of girls hate their moms and don’t tell them anything at all when they become teenagers, but that was never me. My mom always has the best advice, always knows what looks cute on me if I need some fashion help, and is right 100% of the time. We’re constantly texting throughout the day, and when I’m at school, we call each other every night to talk about what happened that day, or what I ate.

What I Learned from Mom: How to live without regrets, dress cute every day just in case, and even though friends will come and go, mommy will always be there.


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6 Responses to Five Best Friends Every Girl Should Have

  1. Love this post and so true! All of these friends sound really great.

  2. Sammi says:

    I love you so much! What a great article 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    So cute! Great article!!!

  4. Neha says:

    Great post! Hopefully we can all be as lucky as you and have a great group of friends like this

  5. Jackie says:

    Great article! This is so true in so many ways, every girl needs to have friends like these 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just loved this! ❤ So well written!

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