No Legs? No Problem.

Sheer amazement.

Imagine having no hope of walking from the age of one, since you were born without fibulae in both legs. Then, with a smart decision by a doctor, they amputated your legs, and you spent your childhood doing usual athletic actives of your peers, like swimming, walking, dancing, and sports. This is the story of Aimee Mullins.

Straight from her biography, Aimee was “one of the three students in the US chosen for full academic scholarships from the Department of Defense. At this time, she rediscovered her love of competitive sport. She became the first amputee in history, male or female, to compete in the NCAA, doing so on Georgetown’s [where she attended college] nationally-ranked Division I track team. 

Outfitted with woven carbon-fiber prostheses that were modeled after the hind legs of a cheetah, she went on to set World Records in the 100 meter, the 200 meter, and the long jump, sparking a frenzy over the radical design of her prototype sprinting legs.”

Need motivation to get on that treadmill? To run that extra mile? Aimee Mullins did, and she didn’t have the capabilities you might have. You are strong, and you can do this. If she can, you can.

Read the rest of her life story here.

♥AUTHOR: MIA MISHEK, Health Editor

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