How to Get Over a Break-Up

Your break-up bff.

It feels like the end of the world. The day you break up with your boyfriend, or he breaks up with you, you wonder how you’ll ever go on when the person who meant the most is no longer a part of you. It seems like you never will but with the right steps, you can get over it – in time.

Everyone deals with pain differently. For some, getting over a guy is as easy as going out with the girls, having a few drinks, and finding someone else to flirt with. For others, like myself, we dwell. We find it hard to let go and even harder to move on. However, when you finally have that moment, that straw that finally breaks the camel’s back, you’ll know it’s time. And when you do, we’re right here with a few little tips to get you on the right track.

1. Unfriend him on Facebook – I know, it seems a little immature. But let’s admit it – the amount of times you check and recheck his Facebook wall and statuses is a little unhealthy. When you don’t have access to those things any longer, it makes distancing yourself from his life that much easier. You don’t need to see what he’s doing at night or hear how much his friends love him. Make your own plans and your own opinions. It’s time to start rebuilding without having your ex as the foundation.

2. Take down his pictures – Don’t burn them or throw them in the shredder. They’re memories, after all. But taking them down and storing them away can only help you. Seeing how happy you two were in those photos may make you second-guess everything and leave you wanting to go back for more of it. However, the past is the past and it’s time to focus on the future…and new photos for those frames.

3. Delete his number – For some of you, his number might already be memorized so deleting his wouldn’t do much good. If that’s the case, have one of your friends change his name to something common so you won’t know where it’s stored. Then, program his name to a friend’s number. When you’re tempted to call or text, you can contact them instead.

If you don’t have his number memorized, all the better. Take him out of your contacts so you’re not tempted to talk to him when you miss him.

4. Delete old texts – It might just be me, but I always read through past texts. I try and figure out where things went wrong and reminisce on where it went right. Unfortunately, you have to be-rid yourself of this opportunity. It’ll only drive you crazy to wonder if you could’ve changed anything.

5. Give yourself time to heal – Getting compliments from guys and having that attention on you is flattering and can help you realize that there are plenty of guys out there for your taking. But boyfriend hopping is a definite “no.” Let yourself reevaluate what you want in a guy and what you’re actually looking for. It’ll pay off in the end.

No matter which tips you choose to use, always remember to stay strong. Coping with a break-up is far from easy. Lean on your girls when you have to, smile when you should, and when the time is right, make your mends.

Good luck, and good riddance (to your ex, that is).


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  1. Neha says:

    Helpful tips 🙂

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