Nail Trend: Shellac

Your nails will glow more than ever!

Since being introduced in 2010, shellac nails have remained one of the biggest nail trends. The process is cheap, long-lasting, and makes your nails look phenomenal. Unlike acrylic or gel nail, shellac is just a layer added on top of your nail, so it causes no damage to the nail itself.

Here’s a breakdown of the process: While at the salon, your manicurist will paint the shellac onto your nails just like a polish. You will then place your hands under a UV lamp for a few minutes until the shellac is set into place.

The result? Perfect, shiny and smooth nails. The manicure is said to last for 14 days, but if you’re careful they can last for much longer. When you’re ready to remove the shellac from your nails, simply return to the salon to have your nails soaked in acetone. Keep in mind, most places offer this shellac removal service for free.

Shellac is a beautiful and affordable way to make your nails look and feel fabulous. We recommend you give this nail trend a try!


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One Response to Nail Trend: Shellac

  1. flowerchildinthecity says:

    GET THEMMM! If you haven't before, absolutely do it! I've had mine for almost a month, and they've definitely grown out but still look amazing.

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