Should Harry Potter have been about Hermione

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and now that the Harry Potter era has come to an end, there’s something I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of years — the fact that the series should’ve added a little more about Hermione Granger.

This could be my inner feminist speaking (and it probably is) but seriously — by the third book, we all got the idea that Harry was born “The Chosen One” and the Dark Lord has been trying to kill him since he was a baby. But Hermione was Muggle-born.

Hermione, just like Harry, grew up thinking the world works one way and then suddenly found out she’s a witch. And who knows how her parents really looked at her? Yeah sure, they loved her, but did they ever think she was a freak like the Dursleys thought of Harry? Or did they think she was special like Lily Potter’s parents thought of her?

I don’t think we got as much insight into her as we should’ve. I mean without Hermione the series would’ve gone nowhere. How many times did Harry and Ron get themselves into trouble and only Hermione knew the spell to get them out of it?

Technically, Hermione was the one to start Dumbledore’s Army — she just used Harry’s fame to convince people to join. The girl even managed to help them while she was petrified. Like I said, this is probably my inner-feminist talking and my way of saying goodbye to my favorite character now that it’s all over. I think as female twenty-somethings, we can all appreciate what Hermione added to the Potter series.


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