Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

Irresistible style that can’t be beat.

If I hear one more blogger describe the lovely Zooey Deschanel as “twee” I’m going to throw up. The word “twee” brings to mind something or someone that is trying way too hard to be sweet and dainty in an almost annoying way. Contrary to my mention image of the term, Zooey’s style is not trying too hard — in fact, her beautiful dresses in sumptuous fabrics are the epitome of less is more.

Zooey has said that she doesn’t really pay attention to trends and tries to stick to classic pieces. Classic can be sexy (despite what the frat boys will tell you) and no one knows that better than Ms. Deschanel. The girl is gorgeous and knows how to dress her shape with fitted vintage-inspired pieces I’d kill to have in my closet. Trust me ladies: there is a way to look hot without showing as much skin.

Zooey is totally comfortable in her own skin. The characters she plays in movies are wardrobed with her personal style in mind. Now that’s some kind of star power! Her new website is so perfectly Zooey. We’ve selected a few very un-twee and sexy Zooey inspired dresses – all from ModCloth, the one-stop shop for vintage-y fun. These pretty little numbers will turn just as many heads as that bodycon dress would, trust us. Pair with a simple heel and you’re ready to prowl.


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