Five Minute Facial For Under Five Bucks

Amazing facial for less than a buck?!

For those of you ladies dreaming of a day at the spa without the hefty price tag (or awkward feeling of being face down on a table with a complete stranger?), there’s Montagne Jeunesse Spa products available for you at your local retailer. Everywhere from drugstores like Walgreens and CVS to a retail giant like Walmart offers these sweet little treats for less than $5 (we’re talking some as low as a $1 here!).

The cute packets come in a variety of masks, gels, scrubs, peels, oils and tons more, all ready to be used instantly. This means no measuring and mixing for you — just snip off a corner, apply the product and ahhh… relax. After all, isn’t that what a spa day’s supposed to be like?

If you’re looking to resolve a certain issue like acne, oily skin or dry hair, visit the website where you can specifically search products based on what they treat. Trying to rid of cellulite? Try the Algae & Dead Sea Salt Cellulite Mud. Bags under your eyes large enough to carry groceries? Try the Anti puffiness Cool Eyes blend. Danced the night away a little too much? Try Morello Cherry and Iced Mint Tired Leg Gel. One of my favorites is the Fudge Sauna Self Heating Face Masque. The rich scent of vanilla fudge mixed with a warm, tingling sensation upon application makes you melt. And you can’t forget the guy in your life! We say we like our guys a little rough and tough, but their skin shouldn’t be. Have him slather on the men’s Dirt and Grime Clean Face Masque and watch as your prince charming begins to shine through.

Like the dollar menu of skincare, these products are worth digging for change under the seat of your car.


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