Bold Bangles

Bangles are a girl’s BFF.

Now is the perfect time to accessorize and experiment by trying out new fun and flirty looks. A pair of heels can be painful and scarves are too hot for the warm weather. The solution? Bangles. The chunky bracelets are the perfect accessory to add some flair to any outfit. They are simple to put on, look great on everyone, and they’re friendly to those constantly on the move.

Here are a few options catering to different tastes. From boho to girly to bold and bright, you can definitely find a stack that fits your personal flare. Great style doesn’t always have to come at a high price either, with all these bangles coming in at under $20!

A great addition to any outfit by Forever 21 are the Wrap Me Up Bangles. Throw ’em on for a night out or for an evening concert. Part glam, part rock and roll, enough to spice up any outfit. Rock with skinny jeans (or jean shorts), a black oversize tee and a fringe bag. Retails for: $8.80

If summer makes you daydream about setting sail in the vast sea, then consider this H&M bracelet. The refreshing navy color will leave you thinking of the deep blue ocean. While the bracelets’ interlocking gold links mimic rope and ties, Ahoy Matey! Stick to pairing with strips, red, navy and crisp clean whites. Retails for: $4.95

Target offers this gorgeous Double Bar Enamel Bangle Bracelet in a salmon color reminiscent of the setting summer sun. A burst of sweet, drenched color that can be worn with almost anything, and is sure to garner you some compliments. Retails for: $18.00

Last, but certainly far from least: try out this stunning Curved Cuff from Forever 21 that goes with absolutely everything! Available in both silver and gold, the minimalistic design adds just the right amount of sparkle, while still remaining classic and fresh. Retails for: $4.80


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