Fall/Winter 2011 Trends

Ready for new trends? We sure are!

Summer is almost over, which means goodbye short skirts and hello sweaters. Instead of waiting until the middle of fall to figure out what’s “in,” I’ve thought of some things you might want to look out for.

1) Wide Leg Pants

People are starting to get tired of skinny jeans. They’ve become so common that it’s annoying. So hopefully you didn’t throw out all your flare jeans from back in the day because I see these things making a comeback.

2) Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt has been included in various fashion designer’s runways for fall 2011.The good thing about the maxi skirt is that it makes such a huge statement on its own that you don’t need to add or do much more with your outfit. They come in different prints and colors so you can be as wild or subtle as you want. It can be worn on the most extravagant fashionista or the most sophisticated. I think this trend is going to become popular because anyone can put together an outfit with ease.

3) Plaids

I work at Abercrombie and Fitch so I can firsthand tell you that plaid will be in this fall. I’ve already been haunted by them on the mannequins for the upcoming season. I’m not really complaining because I love plaid — I just don’t like the feeling that everyone is now going to be wearing them. I’ll feel like I’m wearing a uniform. But still, plaid has been on the runways as well so it’s a big bet this will be a popular trend.

4) Preppy Punk

With plaids coming back in style and everyone trying to party like a rock star, it’s only natural we try to combine the two. This is a style I imagine you’ll see Rihanna wearing in the coming months. Imagine combining an argyle sweater with leather pants and you’d get preppy punk. This isn’t exactly my style, but for the fashionista who wants to be in style and still break boundaries, this is what you’ll see.

So what do you guys think? Are these trends a thumbs down or do they make you even more anxious for fall than you were before?


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