Revive Your Life: Drink More Water!

Hot boys drink water. Obviously.

It’s drilled into our brains since birth that we must drink 8 tall glasses of water a day, but people rarely explain the direct health benefits of it. The fact is, most of us just aren’t getting the recommended amount of H2O into our systems every day.

Although it’s commonly known that water cleans out your entire system (and makes you need to pee every half hour), here are 6 other ways this clear liquid can revive your life:

Hydrate hair and skin.
If your hair and skin are feeling a bit too dry lately, increasing your water intake will help immensely.

Firm skin and smooth wrinkles.
Most of us won’t have to worry about wrinkles for another decade or so, but this is still a good perk to water drinking. Hydrated cells = more elasticity for the skin, and fewer wrinkles!

Curb hunger and lose weight.
Keeping water in your stomach will curb your appetite until your next meal, and will require you to eat less food. It also flushes some of the nasty by-products of fat breakdown out of your system.

Stay energized.
Water is a natural blood thinner. Without it, red blood cells clump up, and you feel tired. Sure, it may not give you the  initial jolt of energy as a cup of coffee, but if you continually sip water throughout the day, you’ll feel refreshed and may even be able to wean yourself off of the caffeine.

Boost your metabolism.
Water naturally speeds up your metabolism which can also result in weight loss.

Reduce muscle pain and cramps.
Muscle and joint pain is reduced because the water causes muscles to become more elastic and creates a coating that prevents them from straining.

Never underestimate the power of water! It will do wonders for your body. From now on, I challenge you to find the cutest water bottle, fill it up, and take it with you wherever you go. 


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