Keep Your Summer Tan

Keep the sun-kissed look!

A friend of mine recently introduced me to an after-sun lotion that has literally transformed my skin after only a few uses. I’m obsessed!

Maui Babe, a line of lotions made in Hawaii from all-natural ingredients, features a browning lotion which is applied before sun exposure, as well as an after-sun lotion to seal in your tan and hydrate your skin. Since I have sensitive skin, I get sunburnt very easily and often peel afterward. I opted for the after-sun lotion, and applied it after long days spent lifeguarding and sunning at the beach. So far, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. It’s so much softer and hasn’t peeled yet. It also smells amazing. If you’re looking to keep your tan in-tact long after summer is gone, Maui Babe is definitely the way to go!

Have any of you tried Maui Babe? Check it out here.


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One Response to Keep Your Summer Tan

  1. Lindzee says:

    I LOVE the tanning lotion (I have both the indoor and outdoor), but haven't tried the after sun lotion. Ordering it now! 🙂

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