Must-Have Accessories

A new semester is about to start which means football games, tailgating, rush, parties, and studying (maybe). Before you head back to college, make sure you’re equipped with all the accessories a girl away at school needs.

  • Get yourself a big, cozy infinity scarf to wear tailgating during those chilly games and during a long walk across a snowy campus. Represent your school or Greek house with your colors.
  • On my alma mater’s campus, the sorority girl uniform was letters, leggings, rain boots, and a tote bag. But I think we sorority girls were onto something: Rain boots are a must. They’ll keep your feet dry during the rainiest of days. Rain boots are available for all budgets — but who can resist these sweet bow Kate Spade boots?
  • Don’t get caught tailgating during a chilly, October football game without a koozie. Seriously, your hand will freeze. A monogrammed koozie is a little preppy and very sweet — plus it lets everyone know it’s for your hands only!
  • No need to carry a book bag and a purse. Fit your phone, lip gloss, school ID, and cash in a wristlet. It’s an easy and quick solution for a college girl on the go.
  • While guys paint up for games, girls can show spirit by decking out in school colors and spirit gear. Wearing knee socks of your school’s colors shows school spirit and is a little 1990s cheerleader. (These are also great for rush!)
  • Protect your laptop with an adorable laptop case. No need for a plain black or solid-colored case with adorable novelty cases available. This one from Urban Outfitters looks like a French parcel! 
  • Get yourself a cute planner to jot down assignments, meetings, and things to remember.
  • An outdoor picnic blanket is an absolute must. Get a blanket with a waterproof backing on one side that you can set on the ground. Use the blanket for studying outside, picnics, and even tailgating sans vehicle.
  • You’ll need a large tote for carrying books and necessities across campus. And did you hear? Backpacks are back in. Not ready to take the backpack plunge? Get a convertible bag, as shown above, that doubles as a backpack and a hobo.
What must-have accessories do you think every college girl needs?


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