Lessons We Learned from Sex & the City

That’s so Sex & the City.

Sex and the City was like every single girl’s Bible and I think that was because we became a little bit wiser about love after every episode. Guys didn’t understand it but they knew better than to disturb us while we got “Carried” away by four girls and their story every week on HBO. So six seasons and two movies later what exactly was it that we learned?

1) It’s OK to be single.

Sex and the City put a little glamor to the single life, but still made it known that these girls wanted to be loved. In a day of age where it seems if you’re not in a relationship you’re pathetic, Sex and the City made us realize that being single wasn’t the worst thing in the world especially when you still have your friends.

2) Mr. Right doesn’t have to be perfect.

After years of dating the worst scum in New York City, it’s safe to say our girls eventually managed to find love. Oddly enough, all of the guys they fell in love with weren’t the guys you’d think they would end up with. Miranda, a lawyer, fell in love with the bartender Steve, Charlotte fell in love with bald headed attorney, Harry, and after all the fights and battles and thinking it was really over, Carrie still ended up with Mr. Big. Moral of the story: Date beyond your type.

3) Everyone needs friends.

This one might be a little typical but when it comes to love many of us believe we have to find it on our own. However, not one of these girls would’ve been able to make it without each other. Mr. Big said it best: Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha were the three loves of Carrie’s life and a guy was just lucky to come in fourth.

4) Shoes are as addicting as drugs.

Finally, Sex and the City taught us that shoe shopping was a hell of a disease. Yes, I know it sounds funny, but if you’ve watched the show even twice you know Carrie had a horrible shoe addiction that she put before even paying her bills. She owned thousand dollar shoes and let me just say as a fellow journalist, I wish people in my line of work made that much. Do they even have rehab for that?

What were some things Sex and the City taught you?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cute idea, but will someone PLEASE edit this? The grammar mistakes and typos really distract from the writing.

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