Top Looks from Your Favorite Designers

Has purple ever looked better?

All of your favorite designers, including Luca Luca, Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, and Zac Posen, have sent designs down the runway that are making fashionistas all over the world drool. Check out some of the top looks from the designers — and prepare for your jaw to drop.

I had to pull two looks for you all to see from Luca Luca’s show to prove that white not only is OK after Labor Day – it’s fantastic.

Jason Wu turned out an amazing collection, and because coverage yesterday was light, I wanted to show you girls some of my favorite looks.

Prabal Gurung’s collection was amazing. Trust me, it was incredibly hard to pick out my three favorite looks. It’s times like this that I wish I was a stylist – can you imagine putting Dianna Agron is the black and sheer number? I can definitely see Blake Lively’s “Gossip Girl” character in the long purple gown.
Readers, who can you see in the designer’s looks? What do you think of the collection?

There are no words for the gowns that came down Zac Posen’s runway, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.
♥AUTHOR: CLAIRE, Fashion Week Fashionista
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