Your Back to School Playlist

Don’t you miss mixed tapes?

While some 20-somethings might be lucky enough to have graduated and never have to go back to school again, the rest of us are packing and getting ready for a new year. We may be filled with some excitement to see our friends again and anxiety at the thought of a whole new course load of school work, but hopefully these songs will lighten the load.

1) I Love College – Asher Roth
This should be every college student’s anthem. In case you’re not excited to go back yet, this song will remind you of all those crazy times you had, and get you ready to have some more. You can’t start school without this song.

2) Last Friday Night (TGIF) – Katy Perry
Even though thirsty Thursdays seem to be popular nights, no one wants to spend a Friday night inside. This song had to be based on one crazy college Friday night. I get the feeling you’re going to be hearing this song a lot at the clubs. Besides, if you’re going to celebrate a Friday night, it’s either this or Rebecca Black.

3) Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
If you go to a party at school and they don’t play this song, you should sue. Ok, maybe not sue, but you should be seriously ticked off, because this song gets the party started. Those back to school parties are nothing if this song isn’t played. Do yourself a favor, download this song now and start practicing how to shuffle.

4) Cheers – Rihanna
After you get through your first week of school, play this song to unwind. The title might be a little bit misleading, but the song itself is about not letting anyone get you down and just looking forward to the weekend. As a college student I think I can speak for us all when I say it feels like Saturday can never come fast enough.

5) I’m on One – Dj Khaled ft Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne
This song gives us the excuse that we’re young, so we need to live life to the fullest. That’s exactly what we’re supposed to be doing in college (and studying of course). When you need to be focused, whether it’s on an extracurricular activity (like cheerleading for me) or your schoolwork, this song will give you that extra motivation and put you in your zone.

What songs are on your back-to-school playlist?


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