College: I Dare You to Survive It

Just living the college life.
It’s that time of the year again where college students pack their belongings, fly out to their universities, and live a life full of books and parties. Amidst all the excitement and thrills, each one is about to experience a long period of time without his or her family and friends. How does one survive that seemingly heart-breaking event? Read to find out ways on keeping happiness during the university life.

The past months, my life has been a roller coaster ride full of never-ending excitement and nervousness. I was about to embark on a new journey that would lead me one step closer to my dreams – college. It was so unfortunate that my hometown is 5 days away by land or 8 hours away by plane from my dream university. However, I still decided to enroll in a school located in New York and move away from sunny California.

The moving of my beloved items was nothing compared to the separation and loneliness I felt during the last few weeks of summer and the first few weeks of my college life. Luckily, things have changed and I have started to grow accustomed to my everyday life in Syracuse. It was the biggest challenge of my life, and somehow, I’ve found a couple of ways to survive being away from the people I truly love – my family and my best friends.

1. Find an internship or an on-campus job.

Easier said than done, right? Try your very best to use your time wisely, instead of sulking in one corner and reminiscing about high school.. Interning is a great way to expound your network and experience what it’s like to be trained in a company. Meanwhile, on-campus jobs can give you more money to spend for food, clothes, and school supplies, among others. Both of these can also boost your resume and you will definitely learn a new skill or two. These work experiences will keep you busy so you won’t have time to think about those away from you.

2. Be nice and friendly to people on your floor.

I’ve heard that a thousand times over, but everyone’s right. If you want to be happy with your new environment, you got to start with the basic – your floor mates. These are the people you will see almost everyday. If you’re feeling lonely inside your room, you can knock at their doors and I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms and make you a warm cup of cocoa. Your dormmates will also make it easier for you to adjust to living alone since you’re all in the same boat, and you guys don’t have a choice but to swim.

3. Do update your family and friends… once in a while

Do not call up all your hometown buddies 24/7. It’s okay to update them at least once per day, but try not to communicate with them every single time you are not doing anything. By keeping in touch with them, they will feel relieved that you have not forgotten your roots and you will also feel a sense of joy in hearing all their stories, rants, and comments.

PS – Don’t call them up when you’re feeling extremely sad. You might end up bawling your eyes out and remembering that they’re miles away from where you are. I suggest you call them after you come home from a party or after you’ve aced your accounting exam or when you’re feeling too ecstatic inside the dining halls because of the myriad choices of pizza and pasta.

4. Focus on your books.

You moved thousands of miles away for education, and you are going to have to get it. Read your books, study your notes, and be ready for all the pop quizzes and the all-nighters now that you’re in college. By keeping your mind focused on your schooling, you will eventually feel like you’re back in high school, in the middle of all those math recitations and Shakespeare novels. Also, the more you focus, the more you achieve. You’ll soon be extremely proud of yourself, and will be putting your family and friends on hold to achieve all that you can be.

5. Take too many photographs.

By taking pictures, you will have new memories to keep and share with all your loved ones. It keeps you immersed and it will remind you of the times you used to dream about being where you are right now. It will always make you remember of your priorities and goals. You will stop being emotional and depressed once you see how beautiful your campus is and how much you have experienced, learned, and gained. So I say, take too many photographs, make everyone back at home envious, and smile because you’ve made it in life.

College is a wonderful journey. Go have fun. Keep the past with you, but keep moving forward. Your goals are about to be realized and victory will soon be yours.

How are you surviving college?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Extremely well written I will be using this advice it sounds really helpful and like this person knows what they are talking about thank you for writing this article it will help me and I know it will also help many others thank you Angelica Cabunoc

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