Rocking the Trend: Plaid and Tartan

This fall, we’re mad for plaid!

Plaid patterns have been plastered on everything being strutted down the runway this fall season – from jackets to blouses and skirts to scarves. Rather than the traditional red tartans, this year’s plaid embraces a varied palette of muted greys, bright blues, neon greens and dark browns.

If you want to play it safe, stick to a single plaid piece per outfit. If you’re more daring try different pieces in mismatching plaid and tartan patterns, colors, and styles of stripes.

I don’t know about you, but when I see the crisscrossed stripes of plaid, I think back to middle school… like, my “sitting in the garage head-banging to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit'” stage in middle school. Nothing says ‘90s grunge more than donning a flannel plaid shirt. And if you were more of a girly-girl growing up, you’ll love paying homage to Britney circa 2002 with a school girl-inspired plaid skirt. Designers left and right have been mad for plaid. Here are just a few chic items that rock the Scottish-inspired style.

Urban Outfitters, BDG Plaid Ruana – $42.00
American Apparel, Vintage White & Navy Plaid Ladies’ Watch – $20.00 
LAUREN by Ralph Lauren, Rossalyn II Plaid Rainboots – $65.00
American Eagle, Boyfriend Plaid Shirt – $29.99
Charlotte Russe, Bow-Trim Plaid Cap – $9.50
Burberry, Giant Check Cashmere Scarf – $375.00
L.L. Bean, Harvest Wool Peacoat – $54.99
Forever 21, Prepster Plaid Skirt – $19.80

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