Summer Habits – Keep Them or Ditch Them?

We’re definitely keeping the ocean.

After what seemed like the shortest three months of your life (don’t they always?), it’s that time of year to head back to school. While the summer may be coming to a close, it might not be time to change your mindset about some things quite yet. Here are some summer habits you should keep during the new school year and some you should leave behind.


Hanging With Friends.
The best part about summer is being able to hang out with your friends often (i.e. all day, every day), but students can feel too overwhelmed with school and work to spend time with their friends once they’re back on campus. An easy way to stay connected is to invite your friends along for things you usually do by yourself, like grabbing lunch in between classes or working out at the gym. That way you’ll be able to stay close while being productive (bonus points!).

Being Spontaneous.
In the carefree summer lifestyle, it’s easy to just drop everything when you feel like doing something spontaneous. But just because the new school year brings new responsibilities along with it doesn’t mean that you should lose that spontaneity. When you get bored of doing the same thing every weekend, change up the scenery by taking a trip into the nearest city or visiting your friends at other colleges. You’ll get a chance to have new experiences (and meet cute new guys!).

Eating Well.
While living with parents after being away at school can be stressful, there’s no doubt that the home cooked meals are one of the best parts about going home for the summer. Going back to school usually means resorting to EasyMac and Ramen again, but, while those are a late-night snack favorite, they’re not very healthy for you. Think eating well is too expensive or too much work? Check out this website for quick, cheap, and delicious recipes for every meal!


Partying Every Night.
During the summer while there are minimal responsibilities, it’s easy to get away with going out with your friends every night. With the lack of parental supervision and the abundance of alcohol, it might seem even easier to do this once you’re back on campus. However, partying too much during the school week can turn into a downward spiral of unfinished assignments and stress, so save the festivities for the weekend. Plus, you’ll have a better time when you feel like you’ve really earned it.

Being Lazy.
It’s not uncommon in the summer to have days where you never leave your bed except to change the romantic comedy in the DVD player (who doesn’t love a good Patrick Dempsey marathon?), but spending your time like this during the school year can cause you to miss out. There is always something going on around campus, from organized groups like club sports teams to just playing catch on the quad, and joining in can lead to new friendships. While it’s fine to have a couple lazy days during the school year (I’m pretty sure Dempsey withdrawal is an actual disease…), don’t make it a habit.


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