Why You Should Still Love HANSON!

Yep. They’re still cute as ever.

Yes I am talking about Hanson; Zac, Issac and Taylor, the MmmBopping boys from Tulsa, Oklahoma that captured the hearts of millions of teenaged girls in the late 90s. While many of you may think that Hanson was a one-hit-wonder band, this is completely wrong and since their hit “Mmmbop,” Hanson has produced 5 albums, one within the past year, and are going on a nationwide tour! Get back lovin’ these blond, all grown up cuties!

Here is exactly why you should still love Hanson:

1. They are even better looking then before! Yes, they got haircuts… and it looks great.

2. They write their own songs, sing their own harmonies, and play their own instruments. How many artists nowadays can say that? Unfortunately, not many!

3. They care about the world. Their fourth album out was called “The Walk,” where Hanson went all across the country and walked thousands of miles barefoot for children in Africa, wrote a book about their trip to Africa, and even collaborated with African children in their songs!

4. They are all family men. Since the boys are quite grown now, Zac, the youngest being 25, they all have children… and cute ones at that.

5. They play at smaller venues so you have a better chance of meeting them! I had the glorious opportunity last summer and met them after a concert, and yes, I cried.

Go onto Youtube and listen to their latest album, “Shout it Out”! Get Hanson back in your life because they are so much more than MmmBop.


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