How to Be a Great Girlfriend

Keep the romance alive!

I like to pride myself on being a great girlfriend, even though I’m not perfect. No one is. But I do have some tips on being an amazing girl when he treats you like a princess!

1. Trust, trust, trust! Unless your boyfriend gives you reasons not to trust him (in which case maybe you should reevaluate the relationship…), trust him! I’ve seen enough controlling and jealous relationships to never want to be that way. Sure, we all have our moments of weakness and jealous thoughts, but think carefully before you say anything about it.

2. Let your guy be your guy. You’re not married so don’t act like it. Don’t expect him to hang out with you every night. Make sure he has time to play sports, hang with his guys or whatever he likes to do (bonus: this gives you time to hang with your girls and do girly stuff!). Don’t control things like his money either…while he should treat you every once in a while, his money is just that: his.

3. Be supportive. My boyfriend plays hockey and I try to go to as many games as I can. Of course, I can’t always go to every game or attend every event he asks me to go to. At times I tend to beat myself up for it, thinking I should go or he’ll get mad even though he doesn’t. Any guy that gets mad that you can’t make it to EVERYTHING is not worth your time. Along with being supportive, be there for him when he needs you. If he’s doing badly in school, offer to help or simply send cute texts saying “Feel better, thinking of you xoxo”…you get the drift!

4. Pick the right fights! I’ll admit that I avoid conflict and so does my boyfriend, so we rarely have huge fights or arguments. But, I know that little things tend to add up so whenever I get upset about something I try my best to talk about it and resolve it without a fight. Don’t get mad over every little stupid thing that comes along because we all do annoying things! But if something is really bothering you, you need to say something and just be sure you be calm about it. Tell him what he’s doing to upset you and perhaps give him an example of something he can do that will make you feel better. Chances are if he’s a great guy, he will be calm too, listen, and change his ways.

5. Switch it up! While I am pretty old fashioned and really love that my boy drives most of the time when we go out and pays, be sure you treat him once in a while too! Chances are he will really appreciate it if you pay for the movie or dinner sometimes.

6. Keep the beginning romance alive! Remember the beginning of a relationship where you text each other constantly and always tell each other cute things? Keep that going! One of my favorite things that my boy and I do are to send each other “love lists”. For example, “I love the way we fit together when we hug. I love when you kiss me…etc.”

Send me your tips about being a great girlfriend!

♥AUTHOR: LAUREN STEWART of Lauren’s Thoughts

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