When You Don’t Get Along With Your Boyfriend’s Roommate

I’m totally winning.

My freshman year of college I was invited along on a sushi outing with one of my sorority sisters and two guys she worked with. I hit it off surprisingly well with one of them and we are soon approaching our two and half year anniversary. Unfortunately the other duo did not fare as well, much to the dismay of the male who had harbored a crush on my sister for some time.

It turned out the two guys were roommates and would be the following year as well. Needless to say he resented me a touch. Developing a positive relationship with my boyfriend’s roommate was essentially doomed from the start.

I am sure that many females have faced this problem. You don’t get along with your boyfriend’s roommate. The likelihood of this issue fully resolving itself is slim, but for those of you stuck in the boyfriend’s roommate debacle, here are some tips on how to make this awkward situation as manageable as possible.

1.) Don’t stick around after your boyfriend leaves

Your boyfriend is your connection to his place. It may be tempting to sleep in after spending the night, but if he has already left you should soon follow suit. Unfortunately you are no longer welcome if his roommate takes issue with you, and hanging out is only going to make matters worse. Besides, why would you still want to be there?

2.) Don’t leave your things lying around

If you need to keep things in your boyfriend’s apartment/room, wherever, keep it in his area alone. Requesting some drawer space is a good way to keep your personal belongings incognito. His roommate should not have to trip over your underwear and find Tampax boxes in the bathroom. Once again you are only making things worse. It would be great to have free reign over your beau’s bachelor pad, but once a roommate comes into the mix you need to respect his space as well. Demand a drawer.

3.) Try to hang at your place or go out

When you don’t get along with your boyfriend’s roommate, spending time at their place is not the most comfortable situation. If you have a living situation more conducive to hanging with your honey, spend more of your time there. Try going out to the movies, beach or dinner — anywhere that doesn’t involve awkward glares from your beau’s resentful hombre. However, this does not mean you should feel exiled from your boyfriend’s apartment.

4.) When you have to see him, be civil

You should be able to hang out at your boyfriend’s place; you just may not want to that often. When you come face to face with the roommate just be polite. A simple “Hey, how’s it going?” should suffice. If he chooses to give you attitude over it that’s his problem, there’s really nothing more you can do.

If you feel that talking it out will help then go for it. Unfortunately a lot of these situations should be left alone. If the guy is just a jerk, he’s probably just a jerk. Your judgment call. All you can do is make the best out of an awkward situation. Hopefully these tips will help you face the dreaded roommate.

Have you ever had a bad situation with your boyfriend’s roommate?


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