Chicks Dig Baseball

Take me out to the ball game…

America’s pastime is more girl-friendly than you may think! Here are some reasons why you should become a fan.

Okay, so not all chicks dig baseball, but you know, I have invested a lot of time into getting my boyfriend into baseball. I get a lot of blank stares and really confused looks when people find out about this. It’s America’s pastime, people. Get with the program!

He says it’s boring, he says it’s slow. A lot of people agree with these statements, but these guys wear funny pants and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you’ll see two of them running to catch the ball, and then run into each other. There’s nothing better than going out to the ballpark and eating a hot dog, even if your team is losing (as mine usually is).

I’ve made some definite progress with my boyfriend. I did catch him downloading the MLB app, and I’ve realized if I talk about it enough, buy him baseball hats, and have the game on whenever he’s around, my love for this sport, with 162 games a season and entirely too many stats, is bound to rub off. My college roommates, however, still don’t appreciate my hogging the TV all the time to watch baseball.

Even Zooey Deschanel is a fan. She has a fantasy baseball team and she and Ben Gibbard each sang at a Giants versus Phillies playoff game last season. If you follow the Death Cab for Cutie singer on Twitter, you are very aware of his diehard love for the Seattle Mariners. He declares himself a ‘baseball enthusiast’ and his tweets are comprised of things like, “Baseball doesn’t have PK’s. #whybaseballisbetter” and “Thankfully for me, I reached the 5th stage of grief right before the all-star break. #2011Mariners #weaksauce.” I feel your pain, @Gibbstack. My team, the A’s, are currently going strong, in third place in the American League West. It’s rough out there for AL West fans.

Baseball apparel for girls is much more accessible now. Victoria’s Secret has a whole line of team sweatpants, t-shirts and underwear. Some of these items say things like “Designated Kisser” but you know, that comes with Victoria’s Secret’s territory. I really appreciate collections like these because this way, I’m not forced to wear my youth large team t-shirt, made for chubby ten-year-old boys instead of 20-somethings. Alyssa Milano is into it too, as she has a whole sports collection called Touch, chalked-full of sparkles and apparel that actually fits!

The bottom line here is that baseball is cooler than ever. It’s also especially girl-friendly, with the sparkles and good times.

What team do you follow?


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