Who Doesn’t Want Flawless Skin?

Yes, she’s even flawless upside-down.

Tired of seeing perfect skin everywhere besides on your face? Everything you try isn’t working, is it? Relax, we got you covered.

Wanting your skin to look flawless isn’t a crime, but spending tons of money on facial products is not the way to go. Your first step towards perfect skin is eating healthy. If you’re serious about wanting perfect skin, you absolutely need to avoid those greasy foods. Your body takes in the excess oils and it usually goes to your face and hair. Drinking plenty of water helps improve the overall health of skin.

Making sure your body intakes the right vitamins is helpful as well. Daily vitamins increase the amount of vitamin C, iron and folic acid in your body which also helps the appearance of your skin. Vitamin D is important as well, too much sun isn’t good, but getting fresh air for 15 minutes a day gives your face a sun-kissed healthy look.

Now, when it comes to washing your face the best suggestion is to use Dove unscented bar soap. Don’t believe it? Well try it and you’ll see. Never sleep with your make up on! Washing your face 2 to 3 times a day is important for your pores, it relieves your skin of all the dirt and oil. You’ll be surprised at where taking a little advice can get you. Last by not least, stay confident because stressing out doesn’t help with breakouts either!


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