Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

You can’t get classier than this!

Imagine this: You board a fancy cruise ship with 84 pieces of luggage, your poodle, and your closest friends and family. Your destination: France, where you’re met by a yacht that is to bring you ashore to your new life as a princess.

Fairy tales do come true if you’re Grace Kelly (yes, she really took her poodle and 84 suitcases of fabulous clothes to France when she became Princess of Monaco). Grace’s eight-day cruise across the Atlantic on the SS Constitution included dog walks and shuffleboard– and wearing some of the most amazing vacation outfits. Next trip you take, make sure you’re prepared with some Grace Kelly pieces — even if your destination isn’t glamorous enough to include a prince and a yacht.

To get Grace Kelly’s look, all you need are some classic pieces:

silk scarf $19.95 | sunglasses $16.95 | cardigan $40 | blouse $70 | pearl bracelet $25 | pearl earrings $20 | clutch $48.95 | oxford flats $59.95 | bow belt $8.50 | pleated skirt $70

Learn to tie a scarf Grace Kelly style here: how to tie a bandanna wrap.

Show us your Grace Kelly style!


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