How to Look Cute After Class at the Gym

Yeah, that cute.
So you have a physical education class in your schedule this semester? Good for you! These classes mean that you’ll get down to the gym at least a few times a week and get your fit on, but they also mean that you need to plan ahead. No one wants to go around all day looking like they’ve just been to the gym, so read on for some tips to make the transition a little easier!

The most important thing to remember is to plan ahead. A little extra time in the morning can save you a lot of headaches after your yoga class. Even though it’s tempting just to roll out of bed, go to class with freshly washed hair so that it will be easier to restyle later. While you’re at it, put on a little lip stain so you’ll have some lip color later.

Next, you need to pack your bag to primp. Stash dry shampoo, concealer, a new top, and some body spray in your bag. Use the dry shampoo to get the sweat out of your hair after the workout and it’ll look as good as new. The rest of the items should have you freshened up in time for your second class of the day!
Remember, the key to looking cute after the gym is to plan ahead!


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