To Splurge or Not to Splurge: Handbags

Worth the big bucks?

We have all seen the fashion magazines and entertainment reports reporting about New York Fashion Week. As fall has arrived, handbags are one of the fall fashion statements that I definitely look forward to! All of the different sizes and colors are gorgeous to look at, but then you just have to look at the price tag for a small heart attack with the designer bags. This is about the time I start to look at the more affordable handbags, but always seem to wonder about actually owning a designer one… So with handbags, is it worth it to splurge?

Alright, so here’s how I see it…

The chic-looking designer bags are something I could look at all day. They are beautifully crafted and designed and no matter which one I pick up, I can see them going with any outfit I can dream up and somehow I think that this rationalizes the sky high price tags. Whether you see a designer bag in stores, on television, or online they always have some kind of way of drawing in the viewer and making them think about actually purchasing the bag. The purchase may be worth it if you know you’re going to use the bag for a long time and get a lot of wear out of it without causing and damage to it, or if you don’t change handbags often. Maybe it’s the pictures or touch of the bag, or maybe it is just the ability to say you actually own a designer label, but is it really worth paying $300+ for a bag?

The alternative option to the hefty price tag is the evermore-affordable department store or retail chain that offers up similar designs, while not having to fork out the big bucks. Many retail chains have handbags that are inspired by designer labels and often have them in many other colors and shapes so you can buy more than one. These affordable bags are perfect for school if you get a lot of wear and tear with carrying books or if you try to keep up with the trends and are constantly buying new bags. The only downside I see to buying an affordable bag is that the quality may not be as nice for every bag, so you just have to be a little bit picky to land the right one. However, once you pick the right one you’ll know you’ve gotten a great deal!

So overall the question of price comes down to personal choice of spending the big bucks on one bag or put that money towards multiple bags. If you’re going to use the bag religiously, then I definitely see how buying an expensive handbag can be worth the money and a good investment. On the other hand the inexpensive, affordable options do provide you with the ability to buy more or save more, depending on your self-control and spending habits!

What do you think? Are handbags worth splurging on?


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