Avoiding the Freshman 15: Healthy Starbucks Eating Guide

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Oh, Starbucks…

Did you know that your Starbucks order can pack as many calories as a full meal? What many of us consider as a snack, or barely even think about when counting calories, can add up over time. A tall Starbucks Frapuccino has 420 calories! You can eat a 10 oz portion of lasagna for the same amount of calories. Learn to eat, rather than drink your calories by following these steps.

1. Make it a nonfat. Switching from whole to nonfat milk on your favorite drink can save you as many as 40 calories. The best part? You can barely tell the difference!

2. No-Whip, please. Whipped cream is a luxury only to be saved for special occasions. Skipping the whipped cream can save you 110 calories, or about a ten-minute, vigorous workout on an elliptical machine.

3. Order a sugar free syrup and save as many as 20 calories per drink.

4. Think skinny. Ordering the Starbucks-customized “skinny” drinks can literally save you hundreds of calories. No careful premeditation required, as these drinks are perfectly designed for the health-conscious Starbucks addict.

5. Keep it simple. If all you’re looking for is a caffeine kick, or if you can’t help yourself from taking advantage of the Strabucks at the library (guilty!), brewed coffee is the way to go. A grande pike’s place roast has 5 calories and all of the caffeine you need to get you through the night.

6. Drink with caution. If you drink two frapuccinos a day, you would have consumed about half of your recommended caloric needs on coffee. Wouldn’t you rather make the calories actually count? See your Starbucks order as a snack. Never treat sugary Starbucks drinks like you would water, that’s a sure-fire way to sneak in unnecessary calories into your diet.


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One Response to Avoiding the Freshman 15: Healthy Starbucks Eating Guide

  1. Neha says:

    I wish I read this article before my Starbucks run last night!

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